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    DR.Prithivi Giri

    Jaipur Neurology Center

Online consultacy and Telemedicine

About Jaipur Neurology Center

Dr Prithvi Giri, Consultant neurologist

Education/qualification : DM-Neurology, King George Medical University MD Medicine, JLN medical college Ajmer, MBBS, RNT Medical College Udaipur

Areas of Interest : • Stroke/Paralysis , • Epilepsy , • Headache/Migraine , • Backache/Neckpain/Disc-Nerve Problem , • Parkinsonism

Awards/Prize: Young neurologist, City ICON, free social service

Aim/goal of life:

- Specific program for stroke/paralysis-“ STROKE NO MORE”-provide updated and best service at low cost
- Service for poor people
- Prevent youngster stress
- Proper managing of old age and bed ridden person

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Neurology Specialist in Jaipur

We Treatment

Stroke Treatment in Jaipur

Brain Stroke or attack causes sudden onset weakness/paralysis of a part of body. It is equivalent of heart attack. In brain attack symptoms depend on which part of brain is affected.

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Headache Treatment in Jaipur

A common disease with benign & serious causes:
Brain Hemorrhage: A sudden severe first time headache associated with vomiting, loss consciousness / paralysis.

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Migraine Treatment in Jaipur

" Disabling but not a life threatening disease.
" Easy to diagnose but needs specialist’s help in treatment.
" Migraine is episodic disease with combination of Headache, ...

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Vertigo Treatment in Jaipur

" Vertigo is Spinning sensation with feeling of motion of self or surrounding.
" Acute attack is associated with nausea, vomiting, sweating & unsteadiness.

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Parkinson’s disease in Jaipur
Parkinson’s Disease

" Common Symptoms: Tremors, slow body movement,Stiffness of body & posture involvement.
" In elderly, it can be missed as ageing phenomenon.

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Multiple Sclerosis Treatment in Jaipur
Multiple Sclerosis

" There is involvement of Brain, Spinal cord & optic nerves by multiple plaques.
" Commonly patient may have recurrent attacks & in each attack

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Myasthenia Gravis Treatment in Jaipur
Myasthenia Gravis

" In this disease the basic fault is at neuromuscular function. So mostly skeletal muscles of body are involved.
" Symptoms are characterized by

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Alzheimers Disease Treatment in Jaipur
Alzheimer's Disease

" Memory Disturbance
" Behavioral Problems
" Language Disturbances
" Neurological Symptoms
" Type of Dementia – Affecting..

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